Raison d’être

I developed a passion for cooking around 2011, which led me to spend several years soaking up as much knowledge as I could about different cooking techniques and cuisines from around the world.

Discovering how important a role food plays, not only in our social lives, but also in our health, and even the health of the planet, has inspired me to use my time to help others help themselves, their families, the earth, and the animals by building daily vegan meal plans that fulfill all nutritional requirements as prescribed in How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger. He often says at the beginning of his speeches that he’s doing the work he does “so you don’t have to”, and that is also why I’m doing this. I know that, for so many people, life is busy and you don’t have a lot of time to spend figuring out what to eat.

I have to note that I am not a physician, dietitian, or nutritional counselor and do not intend to offer any medical advice. In my meal planning, I’m following guidelines based on the best and most recent evidence available, to the best of my ability.

Eat like every bite counts.