YES!! Yes, you can!

I recently searched high and low for this information, wanting to make some vegan Chinese steamed meatballs using tempeh to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I didn’t know what would happen to them – would they fall apart, or gum up, or in some other way make them inedible for my intended guests?

Well, I didn’t find an answer, so I didn’t make them for guests. I made them for myself & my partner. And they turned out great! They didn’t fall apart; they didn’t gum up; and they didn’t do anything else that would have been embarrassing or yucky.

The meatballs I made were based on this recipe, and you can play around with herbs & spices without losing the texture, so you could be relatively certain of the same end result vis-à-vis steaming. I ended up steaming them for about 25 or 30 minutes, and that worked out just fine.

I just thought I’d share the info in case anyone else out there had the same question.


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